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Federal Law House was a pioneering book store located in the vicinity of the then newly founded Federal Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Who We Are?

Federal Law House was established in the early seventies by Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Khan. He started the bookselling business in the small city of Rawalpindi. At that time, the Federal Law House became the only source of access to law books, legal journals and magazines. It rapidly became a facility serving the legal fraternity, government officials and ordinary readers.

Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Federal Law House was a pioneering book store located in the vicinity of the then newly founded Federal Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Its main goal, in the early seventies, was to facilitate lawyers of the District Rawalpindi and officers and offices of the Federal Government in the field of law by providing them knowledge-based support services in the form of books, periodicals and magazines. Most of the material was published in Pakistan, but some texts were imported from other countries.

Prior to that Rawalpindi was a small city and district of the most populous Province of Pakistan, that is, the Punjab, and was known mostly due to the General Headquarters (GHQ) of the Pakistan Armed Forces that was established since the creation of Pakistan in 1947. At that time Federal Law House was only catering the requirements of different organizations affiliated with the Armed Forces and the lawyer community practicing in District Courts Rawalpindi, as well as the Tehsils of Rawalpindi and other adjacent areas. It was a big support to the legal fraternity at a time when the means of transportation were not so easy and fast.

Our Mission

However, with the passage of time we have expanded our services and established a big book shop, in 1972, on Murree Road, near Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi. Business was started with greater vigour and Federal Law House started its own publication work by publishing different books in the field of law and other general topics. There was another change of location but it was for the better, as the Federal Law House shifted to its own permanent premises i.e. in Mian Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Murree Road, in the year 2004. The activities and services of the organization further expanded and we started encouraging new writers and authors for publishing their research works in the field of law and other allied topics.

Our Branches in Pakistan

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Federal Law House

There is no doubt that quality publishing work and high quality law books published by Federal Law House have attracted the attention of the lawyers community, legal researchers, researchers working in legal research institutions and organizations. This has led to the enhancement in the prestige of the Federal Law House. Consequently, there were demands from other cities for opening of new outlets in those cities but as a first step, Federal Law House has opened its first branch outside Rawalpindi in Lahore in July, 2007, to facilitate legal fraternity and other readers in the field of law settled and practicing in different Courts of Lahore, the provincial capital of the Province of Punjab.

Federal Law House is not willing to compromise on quality of its services in the field of publishing legal books as well as supply of law books published in the country or coming from international sources.

Federal Law House always welcomes scholars, researchers and other interested persons in the field of law and is ready to promote and encourage them by publishing their research works and research papers relating to any field of law.

M. Abdul Basit
LL.B (Punjab University)
 Advocate Proprietor

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